Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Week 6? or 7?

Fullerton, California

Funny how once we arrived at our destination, I've no longer found time to write. No more nap times stuck in a hotel room I guess! It has remained a vacation unlike any other - swapping national parks for local parks, beach trips for the sprinkler, hunting down long-missed family and friends for a heaping helping of grandpa and grandma. We've been blessed beyond measure to have extra hands to help, and also frustrated beyond measure that most days we are still as out-of-control feeling with the boys as we were when we arrived here weeks ago. Oh well! Figure that must just be vacationing with baby twins (+2). At least there are a lot of fun things to do right within our own city and county limits here!

Here's a few snapshots of the local stuff we've found to do... (Including some misplaced sports paraphenalia :) )
Cubs, in Orange County?! Celebrating the All Star Game in town, right outside a little zoo we visited.

I wish we had a mileage reader on this stroller. It would be in the hundreds, for this summer alone. Here, as a local arboretum.

Picnics at parks. And more picnics at parks.


Dina said...

from their smiles, I don't see how the twins could be any problem at all! ;)

Jenn said...

you got some cute kids there girl! :)

so glad to see you all are having fun! :)

Jan said...

They are darling! I have a feeling, tho, that that "out-of-control" feeling will be around for a while.
It reminds me of what their great-grandpa would tell me: You gotta roll with the "punches." You guys are doing great. Enjoy your vacation.
Love you,