Monday, November 15, 2010

One year!!!!!!!!!

No number of exclamation points could express the joy I have felt this past few days as we have been celebrating - the boys are ONE today!

Alas, I have't been able to capture a good picture of the two of them in a couple of weeks (maybe because they are always on the move?), the weekend flew, and Mondays are utterly crazy (but then, so is every day). So, the sentimental mush and cute pics will have to wait until another day.

But, consider yourself reminded to let out a happy shout, say a prayer of thanks, or drink a shot of your favorite liquor to join in our celebration. We chose all of the above, at least once apiece :). We survived!!!!! Happy birthday boys!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Funny money

Random quote today -

"Money can't change people. It will only help them become who they really are."

Grampa to Lisa on the Simpsons a couple of weeks ago. (Just getting to it on the DVR... :)) I tracked this down on facebook. Who knew that they all have their own facebook pages?!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beautiful, bumps, and boxes...

Yet another beautiful weekend here in Baltimore... We explored yet another new trail near by, and Abby quickly declared it the best hike that our family has ever been on. It was absolutely beautiful, this weird mix of golden brown leaves on the ground and spring-green leaves still on tons of trees. With glimpses of the reservoir, hills, creeks to cross, Abby (again) commented that she felt like she was in a fairy land. Very cool.

In other big girl news this week, I've been coaxing, bribing, encouraging the girls to get out riding their bikes over the hills and through the bumpy sidewalks of our neighborhood. Abby does fine, Rachel needs the coaxing: "When you see a bump, pedal faster, faster, faster!" As opposed to freezing up and toppling over at the speed of a snail, that is. It struck me how it is counterintuitive to go FASTER when we see challenges ahead that we know will shake us up. And yet, just going for it is really the only way to get through sometimes. In fact, it's often quicker and easier when we don't slog through the difficulties.

Besides bike riding, the other life lesson that seems important to me lately is teaching the girls how to talk to God. Sheesh, what a task to even think I can undertake! This time, Rachel is the one who comes along easily, busting out words and gratitudes like a fish goes through water. Then again, she talks and talks loudly almost all day to anyone in the room. With Abby, it's been more of a puzzle to help her find a way that she is comfortable communicating. Turns out that free form out loud discussion isn't her thing. Sometimes it's writing, and it's always following some sort of pattern. I'm learning to be more flexible and creative - who cares "how" you communicate, as long as you're talking, you know?! (I read this interesting article yesterday about a woman who scribbled her prayers on paper and stuck them in a "God box" - that was her way of praying - kinda cool.)

And that's what is new with me this week! Soaking in the beauty of the woods, learning to hurry up a little towards the challenges ahead, and maybe starting to stuff my prayers into boxes.

P.S. These little guys are way into grabbing/chewing/holding each other's hands lately. Even across backpack carriers. It simply reduces them (and therefore the rest of us) to complete giggles. So great.