Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 57 - Raindrops in the desert

Fruita, Colorado

Funny thing about California in the summer time. It doesn't rain! Unlike the mountains, the plains, or the gulf, there are no afternoon thunderstorms. Not even so much as a drop of rain fell during the last 5 weeks that we spent in California. And then, at our first rest stop out of town, in the desert a hundred miles or so south of Death Valley, it rained. Sure, it was just some tiny sprinkles. But we stood in it, smiled in it, let the tiny splashes fall on us. Whodathunk we'd find raindrops in the desert?! (That's the girls in the rain, up above.)

Raising lots of small kids (never mind while moving or with twins) can sometimes seem to be a desert. More sand than water, more hot than cool, more work than reward. Shoot, even being married while raising those kids can feel that way sometimes.

But even a desert, even in July, has its raindrops. And the plants soak them up and store them, eeking out of the drops enough to exist for decades.

And so here we find ourselves, soaking up the raindrops when they come. At times, wishing for a good ol' midwestern thunderstorm, but learning to at least catch the desert drops when they fall, and all the while making our final drive - from CA to Maryland!

Raindrops this week: small, few and FAR between, but raindrops. And as for the "desert", I will refrain from memorializing the miserable things!

Literal raindrops in the desert at our first rest stop out of town yesterday!
An enormous hotel room in Utah last night.
Afternoon naps at the hotels for the boys.
Scenic lunch spot today - Utah cliffs, mountain stream, pioneer cabin. Bonus after 20 minute morning naps forced us off the road early.
First twin tooth appeared yesterday (by Jimmy)! They are growing up. YAY! (Can you spy it below?)
Gorgeous scenery all day in the car today - Utah is one of my favorite states for outdoor beauty, I think.

Hoping you catch some raindrops today too. :)


Jenn said...

jo, i always look forward to your posts! :)
i have been having so much fun reading your families adventures as of late!

so glad you are doing well!

we seem to never get enough rain her down south. we get some and then it gets so darn hot that everything just is crying out for rain!

rain rain we want rain! :) send some our way and keep up the fun updates! :)

lots of love to you

Don said...

Glad to hear your Journey Updates. We're keeping busy here too, even making a to-do list!

Summer Part II: Haans and Evans!

(Found your charger in the boys' room. Will send with box?)