Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 20 - what's (not to?) love about today

Kingman, Arizona

Not lovin' that the day started at 4:30 a.m. or so after another night of various adventures.
Lovin' that the boys had their best car day ever with matching 1 hr. naps and 2 hr. naps. Where have they been all these weeks?!

Not lovin' that we were pulled over for going 78 in a 75 speed limit state. Really? And what kind of profiling leads you to pick on a minivan with a roof top carrier that is full of kids ready for a stop?
Lovin' that the cop let us off with a warning after 15 min. of stalling and the kids hung in there.

Not lovin' that Arizona has closed all of their rest areas. Without any forewarning. Oops, you'll have to drive another 50 miles for bathrooms and stretching and eating. (Did I mention that this hit us on the same stretch that we got pulled over?!) You just can't do that, budget crisis or not, in a state that consists of only cactus, mountains, and some oversized cracks in the ground.
Lovin' that we found an awesome park for lunch in Flagstaff. Daily picnics, whether at fun (open!) rest areas or random city parks are one of our favorite things about road trips. Random tip: Besides AZ, most of Maryland's rest stops seem to be closed this summer too. Illinois' are consistently awesome. And Texas' too. Except the last one we were at there also had signs all over to watch for rattlesnakes. Details.

Not lovin' sleeping in tight quarters again tonight and driving through three time zones in two days. (Can't believe we're about 3300 miles into our trip - over half way!!!)
Absolutely lovin' that we are going to be in California tomorrow - with no intention of driving more than about 5 miles for at least the first few days there, and enjoying every square foot we're given at my parents' house!

Hope you are finding plenty to love about your summer (mis)adventures too :).


sarahstew said...

Jo!!! Here I checked your blog today and found an abundance of posts, good news and exciting times :) Thanks for keeping your dear friends in the loop with what is happening with you all. Survival - that is what these years (summers?) with little ones are about, I think - and if the Lord grants us perspective and promises (as you have been sharing) - wonderful! :) sure miss you guys and pray for a few nights of good rest, etc. with your fam in California. Wish we were free to drive down and see you! congratulations on all of the good news! Blessings!

Jenn said...

sounds like you all are having lots of adventures!

thanks for the tips on the rest areas! :)

i think you are probably in cali now so i hope that you have so much fun and make many more good memories with your parents!

lots of love to you!