Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just a couple of quick pics...

Pictured below, four of the brightest spots in my days. Too much going on to even start to write... The boys turned 3 months on Monday, wow! The girls are celebrating half-birthdays this month too, six and a half and three and a half. Time is flying!

(Their first smiling together picture, today - I just adore them in their overalls... Jimmy on the left, Danny on the right. Not quite Danny's best smile, but Jimmy's ultra-mega-open-mouth makes up for it I guess.)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Blessed is this life and I'm going to celebrate being alive!"

Stealing my lyrics from a hand-me-down song from my sister (credit to Brett Dennen)...

I had plans to indulge in a few minutes of reflecting on turning 30! today. Turns out I already reflected on the treadmill today, I celebrated with my four kiddos around the dinner table, and now I'm ready to indulge in a few extra minutes of sleep instead of writing :).

As I thought back over the past ten years, I have little to say except that it has been blessed. I have spent every year of those ten with my dearest friend/husband, I've given birth to four healthy children, I've finished grad school and launched a career (both out of the house and of course at home with all those kids!), I've visited 40-something states, I have sent my husband out on an interview for a college faculty job, I've kept some sort of conversation with God going (or rather He with me!) and I still sweat with the best of them at the gym. Any or all of those might sound like drudgery to you, but to me they are big accomplishments and causes for celebration!!!

It's a road I've rarely traveled alone and all those who have come along side of me should join in the celebration too.

So here's to celebrating being alive - for thirty whole years, and hopefully another sixty or so great ones yet to go! A couple of extraordinarily great moments below...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Two quick quotes

"If you can't be content with what you have, you'll never be content with what you want." (author unknown)

That one stopped me, because there is plenty that I want.

Completely unrelated, this is one that my sister passed along to me last month - "All things in moderation, even moderation." Learned this morning that that was from Julia Child. I guess being a middle of the road people pleaser isn't always the best. Gotta let loose and live a little sometimes! (Which is what sisters are good for bringing out of you, I guess.)

Love you Danielle! The twins are two and a half months old now!