Thursday, March 19, 2009

Workout buddy

I’m not much for working out with a friend. Even with my match-made-in-heaven John, we part ways at the gym. For me, exercise time is when I get some intense and much-needed alone time to recharge.

But today a workout buddy that I couldn’t refuse busted her way in.

Rachel (two-and-a-half) was in a sour mood, and requested a pass on our trip to the gym. I decided to give in just this once, since I could do most of what I’d planned at home, albeit with her underfoot. So much for recharging, intense, and alone.

Then as soon as I started my warm up jumps, she joined in.

Even on the single-leg hops, holding on to the sofa.

I got hot, and took off my extra layer of wind pants. She took off her tights. She’s kind of inspiring I guess, in a cute sort of way.

I pointed out that my red shorts matched her red skirt. She ran to switch her red shirt for a white one to match me.

I did some push ups. She got right down too. But of her own admission, hers were more booty raises than push ups. “I look like a fwog,” she said.

I did step-ups on the sunken living room step. I had 5 lb. weights, she wanted the 3’s. I gave her the teeny collars that hold the weights on the dumbbells instead.

She ran and finally got her gym shoes on. “I want you to do more exercise with me, mommy.”

Time for a shower. My anti-shower kid wants one too. And her clothes must be piled up just the same (carefully haphazard) as mommy’s.

Kids are copycats, though often I wish that mine weren’t (they copycat my flaws!). But in that copying lies a powerful gift too – that they might occasionally pick up on some good habits, and that I feel loved, special, worth copying. Hopefully they’ll learn more than just jumps and push ups from me.

I still need that workout alone time. But every so often, having a teeny workout buddy is really sweet.


Don said...

Too cute! Leslie and I both laughed with delight! I used to have a little girl shave with me!

Dina said...

I like it! So I'm doing step ups with 15 lbs and not bulking up AT ALL and you're doing it with 5 lbs. Is that FAIR?!

Daniel, Jenn, Judah, and Aidan said...

LOL!! so cute! this made me smile today! :)

Jan said...

I've been home sick for 3 days and this made me smile and chuckle. :-)

joanna said...

happy to share the smiles - she she definitely made me smile over and over, happy to share smiles with y'all.

btw dina - way to go on the stepups! i actually do this little shoulder press thing with the weights while stepping (so they are light - sometimes i'm so tired i have to just pump the air!!). alternated with some push ups, it's suprisingly tough. for my weak arms at least.

Jess said...

do you think you could send some of that desire to exercise my way? i could even use the little one to inspire me. :) is she ever cute - although i must say i understand the need to have the alone time while doing it.