Monday, October 4, 2010

Praying less

Praying with less words that is. In the church that I grew up in, prayers were long, proper, and made more powerful by including lots of Bible verses. In another church I've called home as an adult, I learned that it was also OK to pray a lot less formally and the verses were often replaced with expecting that the Spirit might speak to me or someone else powerfully through the words that showed up in my prayer.

But in the last year of many changes and especially TWINS, things have often been more urgent and desperate. You know, holding a baby who will not fall back to sleep at night again, laying in bed listening to someone crying back to sleep, coming to the end of a tough day. Nothing spectacular, just beyond my control.

This is the stuff that drives me to ask for God's help. But with the burden of all these kids and responsibilities, the last thing I need weighing on me is the need to pray only in a way where I "help" God show up, either by Bible verses or being all spiritually in tune. (Maybe he'll show up in that way, but maybe not. Maybe that's not the point at all.)

So this is how I've been praying lately. "Rest." "Peace." (No, not rest in peace dear babies! :)) "Patience." I'm literally out of words/thoughts/energy/spirituality to say more. I think God gets the message just fine. Maybe he even prefers it that way sometimes.


Jenn said...

i think he does too!

i have been finding myself verbally, out loud, thanking God for each little restful moment I have with Aidan because they seem to be few and far between.

it seems to be something like this......Thanks Lord for this little .5 sec of a snuggle that I get and then we are off...................

Maybe some people think i am just talking to myself but thats ok. God knows!

Right on Jo! you are such an inspiration! :) I love reading your thoughts! thanks for sharing them!

Don said...

Good post. One of my favorite prayers in the Bible?

Peter's while sinking into the sea after getting out and walking on water... three words... “Lord save me!”

And God did.