Monday, October 25, 2010

Planting is required for blooming

Bloom where you're planted, the saying goes. I've tried my hand at blooming mums this fall.

The first one, I left in the pot from the store, set it in a bigger pot on the porch, and promptly watched it shrivel up and die while I forgot to water it.

Still determined to come home to blooming mums every day, I sprung for another one (OK, three). But I knew where to find help keeping these ones alive. The good old soil and sky. They went straight into the dirt in front of my house, where they can soak up water out of the ground and out of the sky. No more relying on only me and a tiny little pot of sandy soil. And they're still blooming!

My little mum experiment reminds me that before we bloom in our lovely new hometown, I can't over look some serious planting: getting out deep in the local dirt, being exposed to the elements, soaking up life from many directions.

Happy fall!


Jenn said...

i really like that saying and i really like your thoughts on it. thanks for giving me something to think about today! :)

happy fall to you too! :)

danielle said...

meh. flowers are boring. i want to see videos of the ducklings! :)

Don said...

Life lessons are often learned from other living things: plants, pets, even people. Good observations, connections, and good plan. Gardeners make better people.

joanna said...

danielle - and that is why i refrain from posting kid videos. who wants flowers or deep thoughts when you can watch cute kids? gotta keep the bar low for myself. :)