Friday, October 15, 2010

Boys just wanna have fun

They're 11 months old today! Their personalities have just exploded this month. Danny is now our chief explorer of all hills and corners of the yard, climber of gates and dryers, attacker of feet and mouths, inspector of all things machine-type. Jimmy is our chief belly laugher, cuddler of all, climber of chairs and couches, inspector-driver of all things with wheels. They've started to interact with each other more and more every day, chasing each other around, attacking each other during changing time, cracking each other up at every meal and every hour in between, and talking to each other when they should be napping. These guys make me (and all of us) smile a ton and laugh hard every single day.

I finally managed to catch a little snippet of their good times this afternoon...hope they bring a smile to your face too.


Don said...

Tons of cuteness. Put big smiles on our faces. (Leslie's heart aches now.) Me? I'm just grinning along with their laughter. Boys do just like to have fun.

Dad - the big boy!

Jenn said...

11 mos?? wow ! i cant believe they are almost 1!!!!
time sure goes by fast when you are having fun! :)

i love that they just are laughing and laughing!!!
so cute! who knew that closing a door could b so much fun! :)

danielle said...

so adorable. now i need to see one of abby and rachel.

Jan said...


Susan Vose said...

Do my eyes deceive me or do I recognize those pants?!?!? Love it! :-)

joanna said...

Sue - yep, see, I told you they wear them! I suppose the alternate title should be "Badgers have more fun". At least that is what you cheeseheads claim ;).