Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 9 - Baltimore, first impressions!

Cambridge, Ohio

Two posts in one day, whaddya know. Enjoying the luxury of being left behind with two sleeping babies, and trying to capture some memories for myself!

So, I actually never set foot into the "city" of Baltimore this week, but we logged plenty of miles driving around the north/central suburbs - Towson (new jobs!), Lutherville (new house!), Timonium (new elementary school), Cockeysville (hotel), and other interesting new places.

The people we met were ridiculously friendly. The girls in line at the grocery store, across the way at our hotel, on campus, at Abby's new school, the landlady who had us over for two hours of visiting. And more. And not friendly in a lazy sort of way, but nice and on the ball. The first girl I met at the store literally chased me down to give me her phone number for when we moved here.

Trees! and Hills! It's really pretty here. Not as beautifully landscaped as where we're coming from in Illinois, but just naturally really pretty. Hiking at what would be a state park back home - at a city park just 5 minutes from our hotel. Wow!

Row houses. Old house packed together. Pretty different. We looked at several, but opted for a place with more of a yard...

And the baby has awoken. So there you have our bits of impressions!


Jess said...

congratulations on the new house, new jobs...and well, hopefully some good 'ol family time on the road! :) maryland, huh? wishing you were coming closer vs. farther away. how soon now will you have to relocate? before summers over?
i hope you CA trip happens for you. congrats again!

Joel said...

Hey guys,

Wow! you are moving to Maryland.. I am happy for you and John you have had a very eventful year!! God is so good!! Please tell John Congratulations.... I knew he could do it!! Way to go John.. Hard work pays off!!- It has been a long time coming.. He is going to be a great Professor. Which University? Joanna wow your the best.. to have twins and have a husband who is finishing up a PhD.. I am sure this experience only strenghens a marriage and the kids are learning a lot from you.. miss you guys think about you alot.. I will be Erin

danielle said...

sounds awesome. can't wait to move in :)

Don said...

More glimpses and cities to Google. I like seeing a place and thinking of you guys. Ohhh... and a new elementary school. They'll be glad to have you. (You know I know!)