Monday, February 1, 2010

Two quick quotes

"If you can't be content with what you have, you'll never be content with what you want." (author unknown)

That one stopped me, because there is plenty that I want.

Completely unrelated, this is one that my sister passed along to me last month - "All things in moderation, even moderation." Learned this morning that that was from Julia Child. I guess being a middle of the road people pleaser isn't always the best. Gotta let loose and live a little sometimes! (Which is what sisters are good for bringing out of you, I guess.)

Love you Danielle! The twins are two and a half months old now!


Jenn said...

oh man!! those are two great quotes! i might have to add them to my list!

i agree! if i cant be content now i never will.

the twins are beautiful!

im so glad you have your sister there to help you! say hi to her for me if you get a chance! :)

lots of love to you all!

Jan said...

What a darling picture!