Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Blessed is this life and I'm going to celebrate being alive!"

Stealing my lyrics from a hand-me-down song from my sister (credit to Brett Dennen)...

I had plans to indulge in a few minutes of reflecting on turning 30! today. Turns out I already reflected on the treadmill today, I celebrated with my four kiddos around the dinner table, and now I'm ready to indulge in a few extra minutes of sleep instead of writing :).

As I thought back over the past ten years, I have little to say except that it has been blessed. I have spent every year of those ten with my dearest friend/husband, I've given birth to four healthy children, I've finished grad school and launched a career (both out of the house and of course at home with all those kids!), I've visited 40-something states, I have sent my husband out on an interview for a college faculty job, I've kept some sort of conversation with God going (or rather He with me!) and I still sweat with the best of them at the gym. Any or all of those might sound like drudgery to you, but to me they are big accomplishments and causes for celebration!!!

It's a road I've rarely traveled alone and all those who have come along side of me should join in the celebration too.

So here's to celebrating being alive - for thirty whole years, and hopefully another sixty or so great ones yet to go! A couple of extraordinarily great moments below...


Jess said...

happy 30th joanna! :) the pictures are priceless. i hope you enjoyed your day. i have to say i marvelled at some of those accomplishments you've achieved over the past 10 years! sweet mother of mystery you have been a busy girl :)

Jenn said...

you ARE awesome! :)

welcome to the 30's club!

im lovin the pics and of course the title of your post! you always come up with such great quotes! :) i'm pretty sure i said that last post! :) ha!

Dina said...

40 something states?! O.M. goodness (the current non-profanity of the moment at our house!)!

please, please find John a job closer to us! I promise, I'll come visit all the time! Wait, is that an incentive for you or...??

and, thanks for your latest comment. your right, the post was kind of a msg for myself too. I compare and compare but, shoot, who can do me like me?! (I know what you're thinking, rejoicing that there is only one of a kind of me! ;)

love you!

Don said...

A well lived decade to add on to a well lived life. Keep them years a comin'! HB2U! ILY

Jan said...

You are an amazing woman.
Love you.