Saturday, September 4, 2010

Brain dump!

Here are some things that have flitted through my mind as we settle in to our new home, in no particular order and with no particular eloquence!
We're getting the hang of living in a gated community. Indoor gates that is, which are a necessity when you live in what might be the split-level capitol of the world. Some days it feels like the gates are almost more hazardous to the rest of us than the stairs are to the boys. I really enjoy having some extra indoor space, but as expected, I am completely incapable of keeping up with any sort of neatness. So happy that we don't have to "show" our house any more and so thrilled to be renting and ignoring the housing market.
The boys are getting more fun all the time. I declared the other day that they might actually be more fun (51%) than work (49%) for the first time. John begged to differ, and said that instead of 99% work they might now only be 90% work. To all the naysayers that said just wait until they crawl (or walk), I LOVE that they can get where they want, and eat almost all table food, and are starting to sleep through the night together.
It was odd to send John off to work after a long summer together. Just when I was feeling comfortable fending through each day with 4 kids and learning my way around the grocery stores, it was my turn to start work. And then a few more days, and Abby was off to school. Unfortunately there is more to life than mastering grocery shopping! Every week seems to remind me that there is yet another challenge to face. But at least we didn't all start back to work/school at once...
On making new friends... I was remembering the other day that most of my Champaign friendships were formed and deepened out of desperation -I need a substitute sitter for work tonight, I just had a baby, I have to run a twin to the hospital. The thought of encountering emergencies like that when we know no one is daunting. But then I remember, well, that's when I may make my best friends! (Side note: If only for me, be nice to those desperate people you meet!) Less painful friend-finding option for the busy parents - take the twins out. Everyone talks to you.
Hills. I love them, love running up and down them. John, not so much. I guess that's my hilly CA upbringing and his flatland IL upbringing coming out. I hate them for taking the kids on walks though. It's a series of mini-heart attacks as they go coasting down on their scooters. Bikes I won't even allow. So for now, we have to commute for bike rides.
Well, that's it for today... Hello to all our "old" friends and family out there!


Anonymous said...

cannot imagine how you juggle all you do! can't say I feel too sorry for you, though. I did tell you to move even closer so I could be of some help, one of your "desperate calls friend". but no, you only moved halfway here. better luck next move! ;)

can't wait to visit you all! glad to hear news from your brave new world!

Jenn said...

"Less painful friend-finding option for the busy parents - take the twins out. Everyone talks to you." I love this quote.. isn't it so true? We get stopped just about every time we go out and ours are almost 1.5yrs old! It sounds like you are doing well.. keep up the great work! Miss you guys...

joanna said...

Jenn - glad to know that using my twins to make new friends plan is still good for at least a few more months :). After that, Dina, I guess that I'll needing a visit from you or a international move more than ever...hehe.