Sunday, October 18, 2009


I love semisweet chocolate chips. I was born and raised on the Nestle variety in my chocolate chip cookies. But they occasionally serve to satisfy my sweet cravings from the half-empty bag in the cupboard. You know, not too sweet, not to bitter, just the right combination so that sometimes you feel like you could nibble forever!

Feels like I've had a few "semisweet" moments in life lately. They make me momentarily ache inside, but are oh so very sweet on the other hand.

Giving away all our little girl clothes once and for all. But to make room for baby boy clothes!

Thinking about moving away from familiarity and friends in a year when John graduates. Getting excited about where we might live next, and soaking up the company and closeness of family and friends in the meantime, like a baby shower or adding an uncle to the family for a week.

Raging inside at John for an evening. Realizing I haven't felt that frustration in many months of stress, and that I am so happy to be with him as we head forward.

Dropping Abby off at 1st grade each day. Seeing her greeted gleefully by half a dozen friends. Hearing that she took her first before-the-bell trip to the library because another girl wanted to buy pencils for each of them. Seeing her read through stacks of books and then start writing her own.

If life was all bitter, well, none of us would want to go on living.

If life was all sweet, we'd either never know to appreciate the sweetness, or would eventually tire of the richness.

But semisweet seems just right. Bits of sadness and frustration that temper and then highlight the sweetness that much more. Just that right combination that makes me never tire of going back to the bag for more, and more, and more (of life that is, and chocolate chips!).


Don said...

We're talking about symbolism this week in one of my language arts classes. I might use your "Life is like a bag of semisweet chocolates." Enjoyed the post.

Jenn said...

nothing like the right kind of chocolate to make things better! :) I prefer dark chocolate!

i really like this post! thanks for sharing it with us! :)

Piper II said...

"adding an uncle to the family" cute. :-)
I love semisweet chocolate chips too. They are an excellent snack, and this is a great analogy!
BTW, my brother and Chevis will find out what the baby is on Nov. 2. I will be sure to let you know!