Thursday, October 8, 2009

the girl who cried "help!"

This is the story of the girl who cried "help!". Unlike the boy who cried "wolf!", you must understand that this girl wouldn't cry help unless she desperately meant it. She was normally the-little-girl-who-could, who could almost do it all. Cook it, teach it, run it, carry it. (In fact, she thought she could so much, that she sometimes did too much!)

But once in a while, life conspired against her. It was a horrible thing and yet the most wonderful thing all at once.

Her mother died. She moved thousands of miles from her family. She had a miscarriage. She moved, and moved again, and moved again. She got a job in a new city and needed a babysitter. She got pregnant with twins while on a shoestring budget, and no family lived right in town.

Now you must understand, this girl was not only fairly capable, but she also preferred to be a little quiet and keep to herself. But when you need HELP, you are no longer capable and keeping to yourself is no longer an option. And so she cried "help!"

Here is where it gets wonderful. A friend flew to stay for a week when mom died (they've been friends even more since), and a boy that helped her talk through it in later years became her best friend and husband.

An acquaintance called her right away after the miscarriage, and she still feels safe talking to her many years later.

Each time she moved away from somewhere, (and especially as she accumlated more stuff!), she finally met the neighbors. The ones that she'd said "hi" to for years but never "help" suddenly became willing movers and finally shared meals both then and years later.

In desperate need of one day of babysitting while she went to work at a new job, a friend of a friend (a stranger!) was willing to help. That help turned into hours upon hours spent together, kindnesses traded, and two little girls growing up best friends from age one to age six together. Countless other babysitters (strangers, colleagues, playground moms) became reliable friends.

And so with babies soon to arrive, she knew she had no choice but again to cry "help!" It was time to finally have that conversation with a neighbor, a mom known only in passing, familiar friends that she just didn't usually need help from. She cried "help!", and they finally exchanged phone numbers, watched her children, had something to talk about, or became even dearer friends or family than they already were as they expanded their care for her.

And so events that may have seemed overwhelming or even horrible turned into life's greatest blessings for this girl. She got over her "I-can-do-it"-ness, and her quietness. She started conversations and asked for and accepted lots of help.

And in turn she discovered new, wider, and deeper friendships everywhere she turned.

The end. Until the next crisis pushes her out of her shell even further and she again cries "help!".

Have you asked for help from someone lately? Or offered?


Dina said...

sniff...I so wish I lived closer so I could snuggle you within my embrace and answer your every cry for help! that or cook a meal for you or watch your kids for you for a few hours or have my husband come over to see your husband so I can take you out for an evening...yes, definitely that last one!

just a few more weeks now...!

Don said...

"It was a horrible thing and yet the most wonderful thing all at once."

Ain't it the truth.

Although pressures are seldom pleasant, they often give birth to unexpected help, a friendly Universe, a caring Father, a Friend who sticks closer than a brother, and a Samaritan who helps the helpless.

And you always know...
you have two helpers
at 317... who are at your beck and call.

And although we'd love to be nearer and more immediate in our help.

We are...
by Design...
too far.

So He and His other helpers...
can be near.

And it's hard for you: sometimes.
And it's hard for us.

But we know: He knows.
And He bestows...
the needed help...
the friendship...
the care...

more than a father can give...
but what a Father can...
and does.


(enjoyed your post: your heart)

Jenn said...

i am so glad you were able to ask for help! :)

i know exactly how you feel. moving, moving and moving again- not to mention no family...............leads to making leaps of faith!!! Asking help of people whom i have not known long or not even really at all!

it's not easy but, i have found the same as you, when i finally put myself out there and ask for help, i am always amazed at how people really are so willing.
A bond and friendship is formed. most unexpectedly but, its there none the less and our lives are bettered for it.

easier written than done most time im afraid!

Jan said...

Joanna, you are giving the rest of us opportunities. It's a priviledge to be able to help someone, especially you and your family. :-)