Saturday, May 16, 2009

When you're with us, you're royalty!

As I bumbled out of bed this morning, a mini-Snow White greeted me immediately from the couch. "Hi Ariel, I've been calling for you!" Ariel, as in Disney's Little Mermaid, who I hardly resembled no matter how much imagination you have! Then again, she calls me that all day, every day that she is in the mood for it.

Cheesy as it was, Rachel's greeting made my morning. In her two-year-old way, she says: "there is something about my mom that is like a princess". (A privilege that every girl they know is granted, but still!) Oh, and "mom, I want you to be part of our never-ending-make-believe-princess-world". I'm royalty, and included in the game. Does it get any better?

As an aside, I thought princesses were pretty corny up until a year or so ago, even for little girls. Isn't reading about real stuff more interesting, or pretending to be something that actually exists more practical, like a doctor or teacher? But then grandma gave the girls some princess costumes, and we "met" the princesses at Disneyland over Christmas, and I had no choice but to go along with the frenzy. I'm coming around to see that instilling my girls with a sense of beauty, grace, and kindness - even through a lot of fairy tales - isn't so bad.

Anyhow, all these royal thoughts made me think a bit about how I treat others. Do I greet and treat them like royalty, even as they roll out of bed? Do I find them a role to play in my activities, games, meals? A little lesson in real-life love from my two-year-old...

The pictures are old - from Christmastime - but you catch a glimpse of our royal family. Yes, we all posed with "fake" Snow White, because after an hour in line, that is what you do!


Piper II said...

Practical is good, but so is imagination. I wasn't much of a fan of Disney princesses, but I did love pretending to be Laura Ingalls Wilder. And dressing up like her. :-P
And despite my pioneer obsession, I still considered a wide variety of future jobs: astrophysicist. ambassador. chemist. writer. musician. actress. dolphin trainer. Or...a teacher.

When I have some time, I will recommend some more books to you. I have a few floating in my head, so I'll try to get on it!

joanna said...

Yes, the girls totally do the Laura and Mary games too (more acceptable to their practical mom somehow :) ). I absolutely love that having kids has really forced my rusty imagination to get going again too, kind of an unexpected side benefit!

Looking forward to more books!!!