Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Somethin' for nothin'

I've just been reading a book that a friend gave me about reading out loud to your kids (The Read-Aloud Handbook). It's actually much more interesting than I thought it would be. One of the big ideas it gives is that reading out loud is one of the single best educational things you can do for your kids - and it's FREE!

Which got me to thinking, what else is free? Many of life's best things are free for the giving and taking, I realized as I thought about it...

So what can you get or give, no cash required?

Hugs and kisses. Don't underestimate either one.

Time reading (may include cuddling with the kids). Free books from the library on the side. OK, but you do have to pay property taxes for the books.

Fresh air, serenity, and beauty in the great outdoors. Even in winter, it's somehow refreshing.

Time with a friend. Hopefully some laughter included.

A good shoulder or foot rub. Makes my day every time.

Prayer. Shout outs of happiness or complaint to the One up there are free of charge.

Play! Look around you, preferably with a kid in tow, and you will discover that any mundane item around the house, yard, or thin air, plus imagination, can become almost anything.

Have a great day, and don't spend too much!


Don said...

I pretty much started and ended my day with your post. I like the way you think.

One of the most precious gifts is the gift of time. It appears free because we seem to have so much of it. Most of the "free" things you mention include that hidden price: time.

Time can also be spelled l o v e.

I guess that's free too?

PS: Thanks for visiting my blog and for not giving up on posting your comments. ;-)

Piper II said...

We promote the Read Aloud Handbook at school. Whoever recommended it to you has good taste!

Scriptor Senex said...

I'd add pictures in an art gallery or art shop and trips around the museum - wonderful experiences that are free (in the UK, I don't know about the US). (With your qualification about paying the taxes that maintain them).

joanna said...

Scriptor: Yes!! We seek out the free museums, gardens, etc. both here in our college town and in every city we visit. I actually have yet to pay for an art museum visit....