Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why vacation is not good for blogging...

I used to go, go, go. Just ask my stepmom Leslie, who knew me only as the college student who'd blaze in the door for 4 straight weeks of college break and go to the beach, hang out with friends, toilet paper the town , etc. etc.

Since marrying a laid-back guy and having two kids that have a lot more energy than me, I've learned to slooooow way down on vacations instead. When I go "home" now, Leslie watches in amazement as I do, well, almost nothing. The transformation is amazing, and will probably add more than a few years on to my life.

On vacation, I forget about teaching, projects around the house, friends at home, Christmas cards/presents/decorations, blogging, email, the gym, you name it. I sit and watch my kids (and husband) playing and absorb their preciousness. I read a few fun books. I hike a lot. I sleep in. I stay up past 10 PM (just barely). And it's lovely, really. I pulled it off for almost three entire weeks this year.

The only drawback: it's tough to start back up again! It takes me a few weeks, more complaining than necessary about back-to-work stress, more loads of laundry than I can keep track of. I relish the priorities that I rediscover each vacation, and have trouble fitting them in with priorities back at home. Writing/blogging has slipped way to the bottom of my "to do list" for a while now. But I'll be back, when life speeds back up again, I forget how to do almost nothing, and I suddenly have time to blog again!

Belated Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and go Gators to all of you!

Why I love Abby, my 5-year-old.: In that last picture, you see how I have passed on my great fashion sense to her - besides the stylin' pony tail, she's left the house (I let her) wearing Dora pajamas, long white princess gloves and carrying a sequined purse. If only I was so self-assured!


Don said...

Too cute! (Yes, that first week back at work was stressful for me too. But we made it.) So glad you had fun at "home."

Daniel, Jenn and Judah said...

i love the outfit! :) nothing like a little creativity!

Jenn said...

So glad you had a good vacation! We've missed you around C-U!! And I LOVE Abby's outfit - very stylish :)

joanna said...

Thanks for the welcome back :).