Thursday, November 13, 2008

You try it!

My dad has a saying I think of often - "To criticize is easy, to do better may be difficult."

I don't necessarily criticize a whole lot of things, but I do try to copy them. Writing (a blog, lately), throwing a party, trying a new exercise at the gym, taking pictures of kids, to name just a few. Lacking my own creativity, I guess that I am a shameless copycat!

Almost every time, two things happen - 1) I fail almost completely, 2) I suddenly respect the person and their skills much more.

Lately, my tidbits of writing have opened my eyes to all things written in a new way. I've started to pay close attention to the words of my daily heroes: an interesting novel author, a faithful blogging friend, a journalist. Two of my main hobbies, taking pictures and cooking, are like that too. The more I attempt and fail at them, the more I respect those who do them better than me!

Tempted to criticize? Try the task first. Gain some respect for another person. Pass on a compliment.

"To criticize is easy, to do better may be difficult."

Turns out, who am I to criticize? I'm off to share some compliments!


Don said...

Well said and a good moral to the story. If you look for what is commendable in others and compliment them for it, life just gets better.

Don said...


I just re-read this post. Don't you find that you're a clearer thinker, and just more focused in your thoughts and beliefs because you're writing?

I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying "getting to know You" via your blog. (Just like your profile promises!)

The miles have shrunk and I'm rarely at a loss to know what's going on in your life and heart.

Thank you for the gift of your blog, your thoughts, your life in print and picture.