Tuesday, October 21, 2008

About me

This blog is an experiment in writing for me. It seems that my mind overflows with thoughts sometimes, so I'm putting some down "on paper". I want to share the passions, questions, inspirations of my heart with you. Those usually revolve around a few things - my faith, my family (including friends!), my food, and staying fit. Add a lot of outdoor time and some science, and you have a snapshot of me and my heart.

I seek to live life with my whole heart, and as I share my experiences along that journey with you, I hope that you are encouraged to live wholeheartedly too.


Dad Evans said...
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Dina said...


I can't believe I have to find out about this on facebook!

So disappointed in you, tsk, tsk! but thrilled, yay hooray! and excited to take a peek into your heart every single day!

I thought I would just add the few blog entries I've written here in this space as well, following in Papa Evans footsteps:

Ok, maybe not! You know where to find me and now I know where to find you! ;o)

lots of love, Dina


cool Joanna! I'm adding you to my bookmark bar! feel free to visit ours too! jeraldleslie.blogspot.com
Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

Don said...

Go Joanna!

I'll be a reader and commenter...

Come visit me at...


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!