Sunday, December 18, 2011

I need you...

It's easy to wish that we could be there for each other more often, lived closer, were the best friend that got the call. At least for me...

But by definition "best" sort of implies one top dog, and if we were all each others best friends, well, it just wouldn't work out. Growing a little older, sending Christmas cards to the trail of states we've left behind, I'm appreciating more and more the tapestry of people that make my life happen, that make my life happy. I need each and every one of you, and I hope you'll stick around for a good many years.

I need you so that I have friends to stay with when I visit Fargo. Or Lincoln. Or Grand Rapids.

I need you to cheer me up when you smile and say a kind word as I parade my family around the grocery store.

I need you to talk about not going to church, so that years later I have a companion when I'm going to church less.

I need you to go out for drinks in the backyard or downtown suburbia, even if we just met, so we feel less lonely.

I need you to hold a family sing-a-long every year so that when I move back to town, I'm enveloped with a sense of my own family belonging to a larger one.

I need you to pick my daughter up from school so that I can go to work.

I need you to send me a birthday card every single year.

I need you to need me.

I need you to be an old friend so that whenever we meet up again, I don't have to explain my entire family history.

I need you to compete against in a friendly game. It's not everyone's cup of tea, you know!

I need you to be dependably by my side every single day.

I need you to have issues. So I know that my screaming child or depressed day or mistake are normal. And we can lift each other up with understanding when need be.

I need you to give me a big hug.

I need you to chat with while walking up or down the hill to school every day.

Now that I've started, this list could really go on for a very long time. So if I've missed you in these first few thoughts, don't even start to think that I don't need you.

Because I absolutely do.


dina said...

o.m.goodness! your thoughts were mine just a few days ago. overwhelmed by the richness of some phenomenal new friendships I realized that each and every one brought incredible value to my life, not something that can be qualified by best, most, or any such simple adjective. I needed, wanted every single one in my life! none were replaceable, none were less than, all were treasured and longed for, in whatever capacity our current circumstances allowed. just like you, though we've each changed and grown so much and so differently over the last decade, you are valuable to me! I am grateful for your presence in my life since that first overnight together at the Davissons' and I am overjoyed that you are back in California where I am more likely to visit than some of the other places you have been! I would LOVE, LOVE to catch up via phone so if you get a chance over your break (when you're not blogging!) please call! you know I'm going to be wondering why you're going to church less! ;) Josh mentioned you guys just today so I thought I'd drop by the blog that has been so quiet and am so happy I did! merriest of christmas to you and, pst! Josh promised to bring me out to Cali in April if he ends up going back to the trade show in las vegas! big love...xo

Sarahstew said...

Jo, I love this post! And Dina's follow up. Sometimes I feel so focused on what is at hand that it is those "break" times that finally I come up for air and look around and find that everyone's kids are big and, wow, how did that happen so fast?! Thanks for "needing" - I am feeling the same way... call coming your way this week!

Anonymous said...

Joanna -- we got to know each other when I really needed a friend and for that I'll never be able to repay you. Though we don't get to talk often and see each other even less, you're always in my heart. So glad you've posted recently... it's nice to catch up with you and yours. Awesome Christmas picture too -- it's on our fridge! -- Karla