Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 23 (+30): Oh yes, did I forget to tell you???

Orange County, California

We made it! From sea (Atlantic) to shining sea (Pacific) and into our very own house, ever so close to where I grew up... Keeping plenty busy with settling in, moving in, working at home and across town, all that good stuff. Here we are at Huntington Beach a couple of days after we arrived, completing the whole "coast-to-coast" thing.

(As usual, we were indebted to the strangers who not only took our picture but made silly faces to get our kids to smile, and to the parents back at home who would have beds, laundry, and food waiting when we got home.)


Don said...

Great pic of the pioneering Haans!

dina said...

you so look like a california family! :)

positiveview said...

very swetty family