Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 16: Way up north

Fargo, North Dakota

Keep wanting to post, but planning for our last big push through Yellowstone and California, dealing with a flat tire, and mostly a great week with friends and family in their homes are taking up my time. Anyway, we're just about through all 48 states, with North Dakota being #46. Just had to post from here for the randomness of it - catching up with old friends from Florida way up north here. (Yes Karla, if we're old, you're almost old ;-)).


Don said...

Ha, ha. You have old friends! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well I guess we'll take "old" ... after all, it's better than being green behind the ears, right?! :o) We had fun with you guys -- thanks for spending some of your precious time with us! -- Karla and Mitch