Monday, November 15, 2010

One year!!!!!!!!!

No number of exclamation points could express the joy I have felt this past few days as we have been celebrating - the boys are ONE today!

Alas, I have't been able to capture a good picture of the two of them in a couple of weeks (maybe because they are always on the move?), the weekend flew, and Mondays are utterly crazy (but then, so is every day). So, the sentimental mush and cute pics will have to wait until another day.

But, consider yourself reminded to let out a happy shout, say a prayer of thanks, or drink a shot of your favorite liquor to join in our celebration. We chose all of the above, at least once apiece :). We survived!!!!! Happy birthday boys!


Jenn said...

happy birthday boys! :)

Anonymous said...

only one and you're boys are already drinking?! happy birthday, boys! you've won the jackpot on parents...I'm even strict with juice consumption!!

got your stickers today! no worries on breaking the brought us joy!