Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just enough is (still) plenty

The girls and I were reading a Hannukah book back in March - the moral was that they always found a way turn just enough into plenty. It was an inspiring thought to me then, and it must be really good, because I've been thinking about it again lately.

We have just enough space in our house to add two more babies. Well, after some serious purging of every closet in the house to make way for all the stuff from our office/den/guest room to get cleared out. We haven't added a single square foot, but suddenly we've got plenty of space for new beds, clothes, and all that other paraphernalia that little people require.

I kind of like sewing, but mending seems to pile up. I'm acquiring an odd affinity for it though lately. There's something cool about breathing new life into the broken chair cushion ties, the shirt that Rachel took it upon herself to try cutting up, and the torn hand-me-down maternity jeans. A few minutes, a needle and thread, and just enough turns into a pile of good as new textile plenty!

And then this week began, with the triumph that I'd made it to the end of the month with just enough grocery money, which is my constant personal challenge and failure. But shoot, we need something for the sweet walk at the carnival, snack foods are running really low, and I'm more than a little bored of Cheerios and Frosted MiniWheats for breakfast. Enter some flour, sugar, and oatmeal. Sugar cookies aren't a Depression-era tradition for nothing (dressed up with some colorful frosting), rotten bananas make great snackable banana bread, and as for breakfast? Might as well clean out all the cabinets of honey, maple syrup, molasses, raisins, almond crumbs, and old-fashioned oats (yup, I literally drained every single one of those). The granola was such an improvement this morning. We've suddenly got plenty to enjoy until shopping day next Monday.

It's a space challenge, a clothing challenge, a food challenge (a time and money challenge!). But it is actually kind of fun to rise to the challenges, gratifying to conquer them, surprising how much you can get out of almost nothing. Just enough is (still) plenty at our house. How about yours?


Jenn said...

its true! i have been thinking about that also. instead of going out and buying something to fit into that space why not try to use what i have. using my creative juices to make my space work is def a very good feeling.

it may not be custom made or perfect but i can afford it! :)

i just read this thing recently about trimming down to only 100 things! It makes me think twice before i actually buy something and i need to ask myself if i really need it.

i often fail at this and would love to get better at it. its little by little i guess.

cleaning out your closets is a great way to start! :)

thanks for the reminder.

Elizabeth said...

This is really sweet and inspiring, Joanna. Your mom taught me how to sew in 7th grade. I'm still thankful for that gift. How are you feeling these days? Can you post pics of your belly? Thank you for sharing and lotsa hugs to you and your darling family.